Little by Little

from by Terra Livre

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Little by little I go Home...

Here I go, here we go!

Little by little, step by step,
I go home in my own direction
Don't follow no yellow brick road,
God not Gold not gonna sell my soul, no…
Cause this society is moving too fast for me,
Technology is moving too fast for me,
Cars and trains and rocket planes
they are all moving too fast for me...
And my heart beat can not keep up with this, no.

I wanna move to the rhythm of this earth...

Little by little i go home!

One small step for a man,
one giant leap for mankind.
You got to keep moving forward
but don't forget the footprints you left behind

The man who planted trees
one seed at a time
turned the desert into a forest
like water into wine.

Understand Einstein,
space and time inter-wined,
and to define the divine
you divide it with the power of the human mind

And you find 0.999999999….
ain't One and All oh no...

The man who planted trees
from winter until fall
brought the water back to the well,
It's a miracle!

The tree starts small
and slowly slowly grows tall,
the turtle wins the race after all!

Little by little I go Home!

A thousand miles journey
starts with step number one
and if you want to get far
keep walking don't run.

Just keep moving on
along the longsome road,
slowly but surely
is gonna get you where you wanna go.

All of our roads lead Home
and on this walk i'm not alone,
together we are stronger
than I am on my own.

Little by little
once a wise man said,
you got to keep moving on
'cause if you stop you are dead..

so little by little I go Home…..!


from TERRA LIVRE EP, released March 21, 2015
Music by Leonardo Marsh and Terra Livre.
Lyrics by Leonardo Marsh.

Adriano Dias Pereira - Flute.
Gonçalo Sarmento - Guitar, Vocals.
Leonardo Marsh - Guitar, Lead Vocals.
Pedro Pereira - Bass
Rodrigo Marsh - Keyboard, Vocals.
Tiago Santos - Drums, Percussion.

Special Guests:
Paul Robert - Trumpet
Francisco Amorim - Trombone



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Terra Livre Sintra, Portugal

Terra Livre, "Free Earth" or "Free Land" in Portuguese is a musical project created in 2010. Gathering young multi- instrumentalist musicians, creating music with Terra Livre is always a collective process that highlights the versatility and the voice of each element. ... more

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